Most photos are worth a thousand words. Underwater ones are worth at least a million." - Stephen Frink

My name is Ipah and welcome to my page. I first started underwater photography by chance. Alot of people told me that by wanting to improve on my buoyancy I should start photograpy.... Thus my journey began.

I fell inlove with the sea and its surrounding when I started to learn about nature and its benefits. What intruged me was how different it was down below. It opened up my thoughts and eyes on what I could give back to the future generations to come and how the ocean played a big part in this world.

So my journey began slowly learning , watching and observing the marine life. I still find it facinating until now to see what they would do !

Passion was the key to most of my pictures. Through out the years I learnt that being patience payed off in getting amazing shots.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and please comment if you do !

(Ipah is an OWSI PADI instructor and an Underwater Photographer. You can add her on FACEBOOK under

( Ipah UiD )